cara daftar unifi online

cara daftar unifi online is how you can register unifi or tm unifi for home user. Accttually i want explain to you what is unifi, unifi is list of package internet service provider from Malaysia, telekom Malaysia or known as tm, telekom Malaysia is most largest internet service of Malaysia especially cable network infrastructure, their cabling system for internet service cover all Malaysia, from perlis to sabah and from semanjung to borneo island which consist Sarawak and sabah.  Meanwhile semenanjung consist perlis, kedah, pulau penang, perak, Selangor, negeri Sembilan, Melaka, johor, Pahang, Terengganu and the most beautiful state is  Kelantan.

At first telekom come with their first technology, it called as tm streamyx  where it comes with 512 kbs, 1024 mbps, 2048 kbps, 4096 kbps and the most quickest speed is 8124 kbps, tm sytreaymx is copper wired cable technology, before it got own modem we have to connect it directly to our computer and must dial up directly to our pc, and it very not comfortable for us user, which we can use our telephone line when this is happened and people from outside can’t us when this happen and make communication by using telephone  more difficult.

Actually telekom Malaysia is semi government company and it totally focused to communication system such as voice service, internet service and others, at first telekom mainly focus to Malaysia phone services where it cover almost everything phone service that got in Malaysia. International code Malaysia is 60. Telekom Malaysia is the one to started international code because the first company in Malaysia provided that service in all nation.  Then celcom, also telekom Malaysia partner, they are the first wireless voice phone provider. Telekom is very support celcom to expand wireless voice phone and now it cover all Malaysia but in the end of 2014 celcom Malaysia end their partnership with telekom because they want to be independent from telekom Malaysia.  In 1997 Telekom Find jaring BHD, Jaring actually the company that brought internet to Malaysia and because of that Malaysia become a first country in south east asia that have their own internet, at that time telekom helped jaring to build more structure or internet infrastructure, because at that time telekom is 100% company of government. Telekom Malaysia was helped by some local bank to build this matter because they need more fund to cover all over Malaysia and it become very successful. But in 2014 jaring closed their business due some internal and fund problem.

Actually tm unifi is fibre technology,  and it supports very high speed internet and i can say tm unifi provide top speed  for home user in Malaysia,  it got 5 main plan for home user which are 5 mbps, 10 mbps, 15 mbps, 20 mbps, 30 mbps, and the fastest one is 50 mbps, each one of this plan it will provide modem router phone and hypp tv. Phone you can make free call to others home user, very convenient point of cara daftar unifi online and i sure this post can make you know which one package you will selected for your home.